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Make your London city business accessible to clients on the move

iPhone application development is an evolving area of the software development market that many London city companies are now starting to take advantage of.

iPhone apps provide end users with an easy to use and versatile environment in which to explore products and services offered by your business, as well as increasing the time a client spends browsing, therefore also increasing the potential for overall sales.

iPhone applications don't have to just be about product sales, they can also be used for entertainment or productivity purposes.

Entertainment apps can create interest in your brand by subtly advertising in the background, or providing an enjoyable interface into a service you offer. Productivity apps on the other hand, allow users to make more efficient use of their time, reducing time spent on laborious tasks so they can spend more time doing things they enjoy. iPhone applications that offer productivity increases could be utilised by users on a daily basis, providing a perfect platform to advertise other products and services, or offer a more fully featured version of the iPhone application at a cost.

The versatile nature of all iPhone apps and the dynamic market they inhabit provides us with a platform on which to offer our London city clients some really innovative ways to promote their business. For example:

Viral Marketing

  • Provide users with an incentive to invite friends to use the application.
  • Create intrigue by providing an obscure concept to users.
  • Provide offers/discounts on products and services.
  • Connect to social networks for full social integration

Unique Concept

  • New ideas or services can be supplied as iPhone apps, which can create demand on the app store simply due to their uniqueness

Added Value to Existing Services

  • Provide an alternative access to a service that is already provided either at additional cost or as an added benefit for existing customers.

Internet Concepts London city are dedicated to providing cutting edge technology solutions and our commitment to Apple's iOS (iPhone operating system) matches that of our other primary technologies. All solutions are also developed on an entirely bespoke basis, which means the client always received the best product possible.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Internet Concepts London city can help your business with London city iPhone applications, iPhone apps or iPhone application developments, please call us on 0800 279 5462, or Click here to send an enquiry via email.

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